Friday, May 28, 2010

Alright, so this is what has happened since i last wrote. well....nothing really. my brother got married. yep, he married his gf brooke rumrill. well, now she's brooke major. im at my sister's house right now because we are having a family reunion tomarrow! It should be fun. the sad thing is that some of the family i didn't know i had will be there. lol :p. literally, i have some family that i never knew exsisted. it's the people that live far far away. in dif. states or whatever. im sooooo bored right now. i just finished cleaning my sister's house! i washed the dishes, sweeped the floor, etc. I'm aimless but if i wanted to be really aimless then i would type each sentence in a dif. color! that would be pretty cool but it would take quite a bit of time. i don't really have much time right now though because it's after 5:30 and we have a parade 2 go 2 @ 6!!!! i don't really like parades but i don't really have a choice but to go lol. oh well, ill survive through it! anyway, comment :) ill post when i have a little more time. mayb with more colors lol :p

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