Friday, August 28, 2009

Me and my twin SOMETIMES get along!!!!

Me and my twin!!!!!!!! We don't like each other very much :(

Thursday, August 20, 2009

beleive it or not this is a full moon!!!
wait...that was a totally dumb sentence. lol.


i thought it was cute how he was sitting!!!

there were 3 in the nest and the little one said "fly away, fly away"

There must have been juice on this baby wipe cuz the squrril kept chewing on it and the baby wipe was red so idk.

no, these are not animals you can pet.

I wanted to keep this animal SOOOO bad. I know what ur thinking...this looks like a mini bear but it's not. It's actually called a fisher!!! lol.

A tower that me, Tricia and D.J. went on!!! It was SOOOOOO cool!!!

looking down from the tower!!!
The 3 little bears!!!

Jordan sitting on the dolphin!

D.J. and brandon with the bear!!!

me and the bear!!!

D.J. and Mr.Bear!!!

this is how close we were to the clouds!!!

ontop of whiteface mountain!

ontop of whiteface mountain!

ontop of Whiteface mountain!

D.J., brandon and SANTA!!!!

D.J., brandon and SANTA!!!!

Me feeding the pigs!!!

Me feeding the cows!!!

Brandon sitting on Santa's reindeer!!!

D.J. sitting on Santa's reindeer!!!

Tricia, D.J. and brandon in Santa's Sleigh!!!

Tricia, D.J. and Brandon sitting in Santa's sleigh!!!

Jeremy and Brandon on the Merry-Go-Round!!!

Tricia and D.J. on the Merry-Go-Round!!

Tricia and D.J. in a christmas ornament!!!

d.J. in the ferris wheel!!!
"Fly that bob sled"!!!!

the cake with candles on it!!!

B-DAY CAKE!!!! YAY!!!!!!

Tricia's b-day flowers!!!

Tricia at the Chinese buffet!!!

a lighthouse at Thousand Islands!!!



Boldt Castle!!!

WOW a bridge!!!

Aurora and Alynn spying on Matt!!!

HEHEHE 1/2 awake!!!

Aurora in the girl's dorm at Vermontville camp!!!

aurora in the girl's dorm at Vermontville camp!!!

baby birds!!!

baby birds!!!