Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Christmas list

This year I cut back on what I put on my list.
*=most wanted
1.Toby Keith Greatest hits 2 c.d.
2.*Carpenter's gold edition (2 c.d.)
3.*Digital camera
4.cute pagamas
6.new skirt
8.*pink girl's yankee baseball hat
9.cute slippers
10.cute hair accesories
12.*scrapbooking kit
13.*anything pooh bear
14. lip gloss
15.toe socks
16.*cord for internet for my computer
17.*mp3 player speakers
18. new church shoes
19.*adidas perfume
20.*american girl doll brush
21.*track phone and card
23.*sticker maker
24.*Brent Vernon c.d.-A thousand pictures

So that's my list. So all of my sisters don't have to call and ask what I want! (well that's not the whole list.)


Anonymous said...

I also hope that they check the list. But they had better communicate with each other or else they all might get you the same thing off of your list.

Jim & Lolly Brewer said...

Well you certainly gave them a selection from which to choose! Lolly Hope you got some of what you wanted. Lolly