Tuesday, May 27, 2008


we are on vacation right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's fun...............I guess. If you call going to Pennsylvanya fun. I got a sunburn and I am hoping it will turn into a tan! It looks pretty funny because on the way to my sister's house I had my right arm out the window and that isthe only arm that is sunburned. It's funny because the other one isn't. well I guess that's it for now! There's nothing really happening yet but we are planning on going shopping tomarrow and I can't wait because that is my most favorite thing to do!


Tricia said...

Of course going to PA is fun, because that is where I live, and my house is fun!

oneybunchofoats and other fine things said...

As Tricia said, PA is wonderful because we live here too! The only bad thing is that you didn't stay at my house any longer. Of course, according to dad, you had to leave or else you may gain about 10 pounds. He says you ate well here. Of course, the Chinese buffet didn't help! :)